Wednesday 9 August 09:00-10:30

I.4 The Humanities in Environmental Management – Cultural Integrated Landscape Management 

Room Prestige  (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : L. Oost; I. Scheunemann; R. Gudauskas

Convening Organization : Apheleia

Author names : Luiz Oosterbeek, Renaldas Gudauskas, Érika Róbrahan-Gonzalez, Carlos Rodríguez M., Guillermo Muñoz, Judith Trujillo, Salomón Fique, Nina Riveros, Ricardo Prado, Oscar Hernández, Rolf Fuchs, Inguelore Scheunemann.

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II.4 Social Anthropology of Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Development 

Room Bovy (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Debashis Debnath 

Convening Organization : Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, India 

Conservation of bio-diversities and tradition in Sacred Groves: A study in the tribal Villages in West Bengal India

Author name : Debashis Debnath 

Ethno-medicinal Plants of Madhya Pradesh: A Microstudy in Gond and Baiga Villages of Madhya Pradesh, India

Author names : Sushil Upadhay 

The significance of Indigenous Knowledge System in natural resource management: A participatory GIS approach 

Author name : Anindita Bhattacharyya 

Indigenous Knowledge and Forest Resource Management : The Forager of Nilambur Forests of Merala , India 

Author name : Nilanjan Khatua 

Cross Matching Indigenous Knowledge & Practices of Ethno-medicine in Diarrhoea & Dysentery by ‘Bhil- Mina’ Tribe of Banswara, Rajasthan with Published Pharmacological Research 

Author name : P. K. Dam


IV.3 Menaces sur le patrimoine immatérie

Room Lejeune (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Françoise Lempereur

Convening Organization : Université de Genève

Author name : Cécilia Raziano

Les altérations de la transmission du patrimoine immatériel

Convening Organization : Université de Liège

Author name : Françoise Lempereur

De l'ignorance à la connaissance de la valeur du patrimoine immatériel en contexte malgache

Convening Organization : Université d'Antananarivo

Author name : Mihaja Randrianja

Un cas complexe : le flamenco (+ débat)

Convening Organization : Université de Genève

Author name : Cecilia Raziano


V.6 De l’usage de l’histoire à celui de la mémoire

Room Pousseur (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Laurent Tissot 

Convening Organization : Comité international des sciences historiques (CISH)

Author names : Matthias MIDDELL, Pim Den BOER, Krzysztof MAKOWSKI, Laurent TISSOT.

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VI.12 The Posthuman and the Humanities

Room Gothot (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Rosi Braidotti

Convening Organization : Consortium of Humanities Centres and Institutes (CHCI)

How do you know I am not a robot

Convening Organization : UNESCO 

Author name :John Crowley

Martha Nussbaum’s Humanism and Posthumanism 

Convening Organization : University of Prešov (Slovakia)

Author name : Vasil Gluchman

«Genome and the Future of Humanity: Convergence of Technologies and Ethical Risks of their Use» 

Convening Organization :  Institute Philosophy, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus 

Author name : Uladzimir Sauchanka 


VI.28 The need for long term projects in basic research in the Humanities - three examples from the fields of philology, philosophy, and art

Room Professeurs  (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Øivind Andersen 

Convening Organization : Union Académique Internationale (UAI)

Author names : Thomas Mannack, Andreas Speer, Isabelle Lecocq.

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VI.29 Educational importance of art and archeology objects

Room Lumière (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Henrique Mourão&Davide Delfino

Author names : Henrique mourão, Davide Delfino, Ziva Domingos, José Adércio, Maurizio Quagliuolo.

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VI.32 Cultural comparison and China's approach

Room Thiry (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Hsiung Ping-Chen

Convening Organization : Asian New Humanities Net (ANHN) / SASS (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

Author name : Huang Kaifeng, Qiao Zhaohong, Zhou Yiping, Fung Kam Wing

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