Mercredi 9 août 18:30-20:00

I.1(2) Humanities Interventions in Response to Global Challenge

Room Thiry (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : S. Hartmen & Poul Holm

Convening Organization :  Humanities for the Environment Observatories (HfE) 

Shifting baselines, the Anthropocene, and the Uses of the Past

Author name : Poul Holm

Understanding the values, norms and worldviews of a small group of artisanal fishermen on the Mediterranean coastline

Author name : Ruth Brennan

Representing Nuclear Pacific in Craig Santo Perez’s and Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner’s Poetry

Author name : Hsinya Huang

Learning from loss: the erosion of coastal heritage

Author name Tom Dawson


V.8 Recentering the Humanities in the Arab region between academia and the public sphere

Room Lejeune (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Seteney Shami 

Convening Organization : The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS)

Author names : Ahmad Dallal, Mohammad Bamyeh, Rahma Bourqia, Rami Daher, Rima Mismar, Seteney Shami.

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VI.14 CLACSO 50 years symposium "The humanities and knowledge as a public good"

Room Gothot (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Dominique Babini & Bhanu Neupane

Convening Organization : CLACSO - Latin American Council of Social Sciences

Author names : Bhanu Neupane (UNESCO, Open Access Programs), Justus Roux, (Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa, President), Williams Nwagwu (Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa –CODESRIA Open Access Program), Dominique Chalono (University of Liege Open Repository)

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 VI.20 Reflecting and Reviewing IYGU

Room Bovy (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Benno Werlen

Convening Organization : The International Geographical Union (IGU)


VI.25 BRICS as a new type of intercivilizational union: fostering reform of international relations and global governance architecture 

Room Noppius (Complexe Opéra)

Coordinator : Georgy Toloraya & Vyacheslav Nikonov 

Convening Organization : National Committee on BRICS Research, Russia

Author names : Vyacheslav Nikonov, Georgy Toloraya, Victoria Panova, Oliver Stuenkel, Shubh Soni, Ari Sitas, Lei Wang.

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VI.34 Afro-Brazilians in the 21st Century: Activism, Affirmative Action and New Perspectives of Social Inclusion

Room Lumière (Site du XX août)

Coordinator : Jacques d’Adesky

Author names : Babalaô Ivanir dos Santos, Mariana Gino, Carlos Alberto Medeiros, Jacques d’Adesky, Sandra Martins.

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S.V.11 Reinterpretation and Reconciliation

Room Pousseur (Complexe Opéra)

Socialism and Christian Democracy in Belgium : the exchanges between two opposite models (1886-2016).

Conveneing Organization : Diocèse de Liège

Author name : Jean-Pierre Delville

Towards Multipolarity when Rewriting History 

Author name : Friedrich von Petersdorff

History, memory of struggles for land, festivals, dispersion and challenges of the identity (re) construction of descendants of Pereira de Abreu, freed blacks - since post-abolition in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Conveneing Organization : Affirmative Action Program in UFMG, Institute Espinhaço, Undergraduating student in Social Communication/ PUC/MINAS, Brasil, Instituto Federal do Triângulo Mineiro - IFTM, Brazil, 

Author names : Vanda Lucia Praxedes, Luiz Cláudio Oliveira, Samuel F. Praxedes Lopes, Walkiria França Vieira e Teixeira, Samuel F. Praxedes Lopes.

Literary Expressions of Minority Memory: Local and Global Perspectives 

Conveneing Organization : Zayed University, Dubai, UAE

Author name : Szidonia Haragos


S.VI.19(2) Higher education and research

Room Professeurs (Site du XX août)

Influences of Cultural Identities on the Research Productivity of Academics: A Study of Engineering Institutions in South India

Convening Organization : Plymouth University, UK; Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania, Caribbean Youth Representative.

Author names : Venkat Bakthavatchaalam, Mike Miles, Ioana Alexandra Hordonic, Joachim Gingele, Mikiela Gonzales.

International Higher Education in Thailand: Challenges within a Changing Context 

Convening Organization : Mahidol University International College

Author name : Douglas Rhein

An Agenda for Holistic Engineering Education

Convening Organization : College of Engineering and Built Environment, Dublin Institute of Technology

Author names : Eddie Conlon, Diana Adela Martin, Brian Bowe.

How Can Concerned Parties Reaches a Solution with Academic Knowledge ?

Convening Organization : Kyoto University

Author names : Kota Futsuki, Tatsuya Imamura, Shotaro Naganuma,Taizo Yokoyama, Tetsuya Kawata, Yuki Oku, Kazuki Hao, Go Okui, Yugo Tanaka, Tembo Nakamoto