Lundi 7 août 09:00-Vendredi 11 août 20:00

4/9, site du XX août

Exposition interactive en stéréo 3D

Artiste Marten Berkman, Université du XX août, Salle 4/9, 4ème étage  - Du 7 au 11 août, de 9h à 20h.

Marten is a visual artist, a photographer and a film-maker living with his family and practicing his art in the boreal forest upstream from Whitehorse, Yukon in Canada’s subarctic. With an artistic practice inspired by the land and our relationship with it, Marten paints digital canvases of our inner and outer geographies. From a background in drawing, painting, printmaking and photography, his media have evolved to include film making, stereoscopy, and interactive stereo 3D video installation. His works have appeared locally, nationally and internationally in print, theatres, galleries, festivals (Planet in Focus, Interactive Futures, Electric Fields, ISEA), and been commissioned for events ranging from the 2010 Winter Olympics to TAIS Frame Anomalies. A current project entitled Hart to Heart, inspired by the Yukon’s Peel watershed, merges visual art, performance and film. Marten is delighted to share this passion with ESGRREW and World Humanities Conference!

Four of his artworks will be exhibited: “Projection intérieure“; “Chasms of Silence” (Abimes de Silence); Hart to Heart; Remote Sensibility V, and Erratic Silence.

Interactive Exhibition in Stereo 3D 

Artist Marten Berkman, University XX aôut, Room 4/9, 4th Floor - From 7th to 11th August, from 9 am to 8 pm.

Consultez l'intervention de M. Marten Berkman ! (PDF)